Manchester named the UK’s ‘rudest’ city

Manchester has been named the rudest city in the UK.

The North-West city has been given the title of the most impolite place to live, a reputation no place wants.

Analysed by language learning platform Preply, TripAdvisor scored the city, home of the largest club football stadium in England, just 3.6 out of 30.

Manchester was top spot, with runner-up London scoring 6.6 and Sunderland rounding out the top three with 8.6 out of 30.

The rating included factors such as ‘polite’, ‘friendly’, ‘welcoming’, ‘fantastic’, ‘would come again’, ‘cleanliness‘, ‘safety’ and ‘outstanding’ and rated out of 10.

With all three scores added together, each city was given a final score out of 30, with Manchester scored the lowest.

The reason behind Manchester being top spot could be due to a variety of reasons from the culture to the weather.

Mancunian Matters took to the streets of the city to find out what residents thought.

Some people had their own anecdotes about rudeness they’d encountered.

Joe Williams said: “Last year when I was playing 5-a-side someone called me a southern p****.”

Reece Statham said: “It’s a gloomy city we got bad weather so potentially that brings people’s feelings and hopes down.

“In Manchester I see it as banter instead of rudeness.”

With ten boroughs and 2.8 million people in the city, a variety of cleanliness, politeness and welcoming is to be expected.

The most polite city across the United Kingdom turned out to be Cambridge with a score of 26.

Newcastle came in at second place with 19.9 and Sheffield was third with 18.2 out of 30

Not everyone in Manchester thought it should be titled the rudest city.

Serena Bloor, who has lived in Manchester for eight years including locations such as MediaCity and Hulme, said: “I think [Manchester] its one of the most friendliest.

“Everyone is happy to help and but its probably not one of the cleanliness and compared to southern cities, Manchester is a lot more happy and friendly to help.”

Kathryn Florczak said: “Manchester is a really friendly city. Rudeness, sadly, you will get that everywhere and sometimes the occasional bus driver, but you would get the same in any other city.”

Sophie Gascoyne said: “You only have to go to a bus stop or go to a smoking area and they will answer any questions.”

These sentiments were echoed by Ruman Sanghera, who said: “I think Manchester is a polite city and northern cities are a lot politer than southern cities.”

Chrissy Indjova said: “I don’t think anyone has ever been rude to be, I thought Manchester was one of the friendliest.”

According to TripAdvisor, the top 10 least welcoming cities in order in the UK are: Manchester, London, Sunderland, Wolverhampton, Peterbourgh, Plymouth, joint seventh Newport and Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow and Nottingham.

All images taken by Ollie Dennett

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