Man United ‘peeping tom’ scandal: Sacked employee accuses club of ignoring ‘voyeurism and bullying’

A sacked Manchester United employee has accused the club of ignoring his claims of sexual harassment, voyeurism and bullying, which he claims contributed to an unfair dismissal.

Marcus King, from Salford, was a member of the kitchen staff at Old Trafford for more than five years, but now faces a four-day industrial tribunal on November 16.

Mr King originally reported three company employees, who admitted that they were looking at him through a toilet door grill  which was fitted the wrong way round.

“These disabled/baby changing room toilets had faulty grills/vents on the toilet doors, for several months – possibly years,” Mr King wrote on his Facebook page.

“I had reported them to senior management, but was ignored. Anyone can kneel down and clearly see everything in these toilets and I was dismissed for reporting three woman employees who regularly spied on me.

“Manchester United management admitted this in an official letter that I was given. They said the girls did it for a bit of fun and banter – how and why is this allowed to go on?”

Mr King believes that he was allegedly dismissed due to a ‘peeping tom’ cover-up, after former chairman Martin Edwards resigned from the club in 2002 after spying on a woman in a toilet cubicle at Mottram Hall Hotel near Macclesfield.

Following the incident, witnesses came forward stating that they been victims of similar behaviour in toilets at Old Trafford.

Mr King explained that his situation at the club initially went ‘pear shaped’ in August 2013, after he was forced to wear a tie, shirt and apron by three female staff members.

“I was happy wearing just a polo shirt, as I ran the food to the canteen from the kitchen and it was very hot especially in summer,” he said.

“I told them that I was happy as I am, but they did not like it, and insisted for several weeks that I dress like them.

“One day, one of them came over to be and handed me a tie with food all over it and said this is yours I was told to give it to you, the woman manager was there she just laughed and walked off.

“They said it was a bit of fun and banter, but this type of thing went on for days on end. It was very embarrassing.”

Mr. King received a disciplinary for reporting the girls, but when they turned his grievance down, he received a further three disciplinaries that he claimed were ‘stitched up’ on the same day.

The club eventually offered Mr King a sum of £2,600 to walk out of on his job and told him if he did not accept it, then they would sack him.

“I have a 23 month old daughter and am receiving one parent benefit,” he said.

“Would UNICEF treat families and children this way, would anyone who was normal do this to any one, and why does the system allow people like this to walk all over decent people?

“Manchester United are too big for their boots.”

MM tried contacting Manchester United for comment, but repeated attempts proved unsuccessful.

Image courtesy of Manchester United with thanks.

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