Chewing the fat: Mancunians reveal their body hang-ups in fitness survey

Walking around the streets of Manchester, you’re bound to find people of all shapes and sizes, but it seems that many aren’t too happy about the way they look.

Following a fitness roadshow stopping over in Manchester before heading off to other cities including Leeds and Birmingham, a few locals spoke about what specifically they found wrong with their appearance.

British Military Fitness quizzed Mancunian folk about their body hang-ups, with both male and female respondents giving radically different responses.

With overweightness and obesity both prevalent among some in the city, respondents were all too willing to share what they found the least appealing about their physiques.

Belly be gone!

An astonishing 62% of females taking part in the survey said that their biggest concern was their stomach.

This is often where those few extra pounds end up, although a few other hang-ups did score quite highly.

One in five women were most concerned about their thighs, which is another part of the body where extra weight tends to find itself.

As for the men, there wasn’t an overwhelming bugbear, but the most popular bone of contention appearance-wise was the arms.

Almost 31% said that they weren’t happy with the way their arms looked, possibly because they were either too flabby or scrawny, 21% said that their chest was their biggest hang up, while thighs and stomachs both scored 19%.

Northern consciousness

Throughout the north of England, it seems that quite a few of us are more insecure about the way we look than those living a little further south.

One striking example of this is that females up north are four times more likely than those in the south to feel conscious about their chests.

When it comes to men’s insecurities, there is a definite north-south divide where bums are concerned.

Males in northern England are 33% more likely than those in the south to worry about the state of their bums.

Despite that, just 2% of Manc men had any sort of hang-up about their backsides, which shows that maybe we’re just not that vain up here.

Image courtesy of Daniela Vladimirova, with thanks

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