Revolution Beauty accused of ‘ripping off’ product from Manchester beauty brand

Revolution Beauty has come under fire after announcing a new collection featuring a product which has been accused of “ripping off” the ‘Honey Glue’ brow gel from Manchester makeup brand Pink Honey.

The Revolution collection was announced yesterday, with the creator of Pink Honey, Olivia Taylor, saying “Revolution has completely ripped off our product”. Both brow gels are pictured below.

The original ‘Honey Glue’ brow gel from Pink Honey
The newly announced product from Revolution

The Pink Honey boss was quick to point out the similarities: “You’ve copied the name, you’ve copied the packaging, you’ve copied the product design.”

Alexis Stone, a popular makeup artist came out in support of Pink Honey: “What we’ve seen happen to Pink Honey in a direct copy is something we’ve seen and will continue to see from this behind the times company run by fools. …they try and steal it in the most unoriginal, stupid, tone deaf manner and the only people they cause real harm to is themselves. It’s bad business 101.” 

Stone, who has collaborated with Revolution in the past expressed sympathy for Pink Honey’s owner, Olivia Taylor, saying “My heart breaks for her, but she’s the original and the original always wins.”

Following Taylor’s accusations Revolution has pulled the product and deleted their original post, they declined to comment for this article.

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