Stuff your social media! Mancunians more likely to opt for traditional birthday cards and cakes than rest of UK

By Danielle Wainwright

When it comes to birthday wishes, Mancunians reject technological advances and are more likely to opt for traditional parties, cakes and cards instead of using social media than anywhere else in the UK.

Manchester is more likely than anywhere else in the UK to still send and receive a birthday card, research from leading gift card company One4All has revealed.

They are also more likely to book their birthday off work, celebrate with a cake and enjoy a good birthday night out with friends and family.

The digital age has meant that most people now send birthday messages through Facebook or Twitter instead of sending cards, many more proud of the amount of wishes on their page than cards on their mantle.

But it seems that many Mancunians are keen to keep traditional birthday celebrations alive and Declan Byrne, managing director of One4all, is pleased to see that cyber socialising has not affected the spirit of gift-giving.

He said: “Social media now plays a huge part in all of our lives and it’s interesting to see how it has impacted on the traditional birthday. It’s good to see that the people of Manchester are still enjoying traditional birthday celebrations alongside the new social media trends.

“It’s a social shift that is affecting many businesses that provide a service linked to birthday celebrations.  For example, it’s led to us creating online group gifting, where friends can come together through social media to contribute to a joint gift.”

Jess Munro, a 23-year-old barmaid from Didsbury, has always felt that a traditional birthday celebration feels much more special than a last minute Facebook message.

She said: “Since moving to Manchester, I have to say that my birthdays have got more celebratory, I have two or three days dedicated to it: one with friends, one or two with family.

“When I go out I always see large birthday groups in clubs or restaurants which is nice to see, I don’t even check my Facebook on my birthday because most of the wishes on there are from people I haven’t spoken to for ten years!”

Daniella De Seta, 24, a caterer from Burnage, shares Miss Munro’s ideals and even admits to buying herself a cake on her birthday.

“Every year I make sure I get a cake for myself,” she said. “Without one it feels like another normal day. I don’t know why people think a Facebook message is enough. I would be insulted if that was all I got off my friends.”

As a result of these findings One4All is also attempting to raise awareness of the need to keep birthday’s special and is launching a social media campaign for people to ‘out’ Birthday Scrooges and encourage them to have a proper, traditional birthday celebration.

Mr Byrne said: “While times do change, it would be nice to think that birthdays will retain their special status.

“As a result we want to encourage people to make sure they still take time out to celebrate with friends and family.”

For more information on the social media campaign or if you’d like to nominate a Birthday Scrooge then visit the One4all UK Facebook page.

Picture courtesy of Robert Harwig, with thanks.

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