Noah revealed as Greater Manchester’s most popular baby name

Olivia and Noah have taken the top spots as the most popular baby names in 2021 across England and Wales, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Olivia has maintained the top spot for six consecutive years, with 3,164 Olivias born.

A whopping 4,525 Noahs were named across England and Wales last year, making Noah the most popular overall.

The popularity of the names Noah and Olivia in England and Wales from 1996 to 2021.

In Greater Manchester, Noah is also the most popular, with 265 Noahs born compared to only 143 Olivias.

This year saw Jack kicked out of the top 10 for the first time since the annual statistics started in 1996, replacing Henry.

Jack is not the only name which has been kicked out: Freya, Florence and Willow have snubbed Isabella.

This is the first time Florence and Freya have been in the top 10 since 1996.

Younger mothers, under 25, continued to pick shorter and modern names for their newborns, such as Tommy.

Sophie Thompson, 23, has just welcomed eight-week-old Arlo – the 10th most popular baby name for young mothers.

She said: “I picked Arlo because I am not a fan of the traditional names, I don’t think they have much personality. I think this is a name that holds a lot of personality and will be remembered.

“When I saw him for the first time the name just fit.”

Whereas a more mature mother, aged over 35, tended to choose a more traditional name, such as Thomas.

Despite Noah being the most popular name overall across England and Wales, Muhammad was the most popular in four out of the nine regions.

Olivia was the most popular in all regions apart from the East Midlands, where Amelia took the top spot – which came in second overall.

The top 100 has seen a few new entries, including Lara and Beatrice for girls and Rupert and Brodie for boys – the first time these names have made an appearance.

Brodie rose an astonishing 36 places last year, placing the name at 90th.

Names of Welsh origin were also included, such as Arthur and Osian for boys, which were featured in the top 30 – girl names of Welsh origin were also featured in the top 50, with Ffion and Seren.

Popular culture inspired names have influenced many parents from the Royal family to the Kardashians.

Royal baby names have became significantly more popular since the births of George, Charlotte, Louis and Archie, although Charlotte has since became gradually less popular since the princess’s birth in 2015 which caused the name to climb from a count of 1,951 to 2,596 in 2016.

Similarly, George and Louis saw a spike at the time of the births but gradually but they later settled further down the rankings since.

The popularity of the royal baby names in England and Wales from 1996 to 2021.

The Kardashians are known for their obscure baby names which always take the headlines, but they are a proven hit with new parents, with the name Psalm being given to six children last year – a 300% increase from 2018.

The name Bowie saw a hike since the 70s icon passed away in 2016 – the name proved popular with both genders, which is perhaps apt given David Bowie’s reputation for blurring gender stereotypes.

Although many names were on the rise, Glenda and Kerry are not, with fewer than five babies being given these names.

Leslie, Clifford and Nigel are also endangered names, with less than seven babies named per year since 2018.

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