Interactive NHS tool offers mental health advice for 9million UK adults suffering with spiralling debt

The NHS has launched a new interactive mental health tool which offers advice for those who may be suffering with mental health issues due to spiralling debt.

NHS Choices and the Money Advice Service have developed the new tool to assess the impact money worries can have on our mental health.

Financial worries are a common cause of anxiety and can also lead to a number of other mental health conditions.

Money Advice Service hope the tool will help people recognise the impact money worries can have on their mental health.

Using the interactive tool, which is available on the NHS Choices website, users must answer several questions designed to detect signs of stress, worry or low mood.

The tool will then offer the user tailored information and advice based on their responses.

The new tool has been launched to coincide with Mental Health Awareness week, an initiative by Mental Health Foundation.

Jenny Edwards CBE, Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation, said: “It is encouraging to see the NHS taking action by launching this tool, which will provide support for people who are finding their money worries are leading to prolonged feelings of stress and anxiety.

“We call for this tool to be widely promoted among health and social care professionals, who are often the first point of contact when someone is feeling depressed or anxious.

“Anxiety affects us all and in this Mental Health Awareness Week we are asking everyone to better understand, talk about and manage their anxiety, and to feel empowered to seek self-help and support without fear of stigma or discrimination.”

In addition to the tool, the NHS Choices website also provides links to Money Advice Service resources such as the money health check and budget planner.

Caroline Rookes, CEO at the Money Advice Service, said: “We are delighted to be working with NHS Choices on what is a very important partnership in reaching vulnerable members of society.”

“Almost 9million adults in the UK are struggling with debt, but only 1.5million are seeking advice. The vast majority of over-indebted people feel anxious, stressed and unhappy, but we know that accessing free advice can provide enormous help to them in improving their wellbeing.”

The NHS Choices website also signposts users to articles, videos and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy-based audio guides available on NHS Choices and provides tailored advice on dealing with insomnia, controlling anxiety and problem solving.

The mental health tool is available at here

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