Jailed: Manchester killer who murdered wife caught when victim’s daughter alerted staff at Asda

By Danielle Wainwright

A Manchester killer found guilty of murdering his wife will spend the next 18 years behind bars after a 15-year-old teenager alerted supermarket staff that her mother had been stabbed.

Krzysztof Kindzierski, 40, of Surbiton Road, Newton Heath, pleaded guilty to the murder of his wife Zaneta Kindzierska and was jailed yesterday for 18 years and four months. 

Police were alerted to the murder after a 15-year-old Polish teenager entered Asda on Old Church Street with her eight-month-old daughter on Tuesday June 18 to alert staff that a man she was with had killed her mother Zaneta at their house on Surbiton Road.

The man that the teenager was talking about was Kindzierski who had been waiting outside the sore for her. Kindzierski then left the store with his own two young children, aged three and six when police arrived but a patrol went to the house and forced open the front door where the body of Zaneta was found.

Zaneta had an apparent stab wound to the chest, in the upstairs bathroom. A blood stained knife was also recovered from under the bed in the main bedroom and a post mortem later revealed that she had died of a stab wound to the chest. 

A short time later Kindzierski was spotted with his children near the house and he was arrested. 

Senior Investigator Duncan Thorpe said: “This is a shocking waste of a life which has had devastating consequences for her children and grandchild.

“Kindzierski has never said what prompted the attack leading him to stab his wife to death.

“What is beyond doubt however is that Kindzierski’s horrific actions have resulted in the very sad loss of Zaneta’s life.” 

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