Mancunian students left rethinking university choices due to lack of student accommodation

Some students in Manchester are having to rethink university choices as a result of the current student housing crisis. 

This academic year has seen a very high demand in accommodation for universities due to more students enrolling than usual.

This has left many students without housing and many have taken to social media to express how the uncertainty of getting accommodation has caused them stress about what to do with their studies. 

One student from Bolton, who has asked to not be named, says he was unable to find any accommodation due to many offers being given out before clearing. 

“It was very stressful because it’s something you want but something you can’t get – so you have to keep trying,” he said.

“It’s uncertain, you never know if you’ll get it or not.”

He has decided to decline his place at university and not enrol, admitting accommodation was a big factor.

A second-year student at The University of Law in Manchester, who also asked not to be named, expressed his luck in finding a temporary place of living with a fellow student.

But when asked how the experience has affected him, he said: “It can make you paranoid, not knowing what’s going to happen tomorrow.” 

Other students have taken to TikTok to express their worry about not getting a place to live before moving day.

Manchester Metropolitan University has since stated there is higher demand this year due to more offer holders.

A MMU spokesman told the Manchester Evening News: “We have offered places to our target student numbers this year and planned our accommodation based on long-term experience of how many of those offers are likely to be accepted.”

Many similar videos have been posted. 

The University of Manchester has since stated all its students have been offered accommodation.

Unite Students, which proves student accommodation, has also said all their rooms are booked for this academic year.

Many students have been quite vocal in saying that not knowing where they will permanently reside was a rocky beginning to their studies.

Many other students in this position were put at a disadvantage by applying through clearing, and students from Greater Manchester have said that they struggled with the same issues in universities in different areas.

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