“Binny McBinFace?” Residents asked to name council’s new bin lorries

A fleet of new electric bin lorries is due to hit Manchester’s streets, and Manchester City Council has asked the public to name them.

The 27 bin lorries are being rolled out across the city to replace half of the city’s existing fleet, it was announced yesterday.

Everyone is invited to share their ideas on Twitter by tagging @ManCityCouncil and using the hashtag #mccBinLorryComp.

Councillor Angeliki Stogia, Executive Member for Environment, stressed the importance of the competition in raising awareness about the council’s bid to cut emissions.

She said : “While this competition is light-hearted, it does help highlight the important contribution these new electric bin lorries will make towards cleaner air and lower emissions.

“Replacing almost half of our waste and recycling collection vehicles is the biggest commitment any council in the country has made to electric alternatives.”

The council predicts that this move will reduce carbon emissions by around 900 tonnes a year, and is a step towards the council’s goal of halving its emissions by 2025.

The entries will be shortlisted by the council before putting them to a vote, and the new bin lorries will be adorned with the winning names.

This comes after a similar move last year, when the council asked the public to name their fleet of gritters.

Winning names included Snowel Gallagher, Snowbi-Gone Kenobi and Gritter Thunberg. 

Our suggestions for the bin lorries are:

Dustbin Hoffman

Bin Stokes

Binardo Silva

Andy Binham

Qui-Gon Bin (for all the Star Wars fans out there)

We assume that any inappropriate names will be ‘refused’.

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