Manchester set for sausage fest: Restaurant challenges contestants to eat 1,600 hot dogs in 10 minutes

Weiner lovers are preparing to gorge on 1,600 hot dogs as a Manchester eatery braces itself for their first ‘Manc v. Food Hot Dog Challenge’.

Crufts may be over, but there’s a new kind of dog competition in town and this time, they’re hot.

Each sausage weighs an estimated 110g – which means the 1,600 sausages weigh-in at a whopping 1,760 KILOS.

Dogs N Dough, in Albert Square, is calling for teams to take on their hot dog competition with a percentage of profits going towards the charity Forever Manchester.

There will be 20 teams on the night, which takes place March 19, made up of four members, with entrants paying £15 each for the sausage fest.

Participants will have to scoff as many hot dogs in brioche buns as humanly possible in just ten minutes.

If every team member ate the same number of sausages and all were eaten, this would mean everyone would eat 20 sausages.

SAUSAGE PARTY: Plenty of hot dogs to go round… there’s 1,600 of them (Image courtesy of  paladinsf , via Flickr, with thanks)

The winning team will win £200, Dogs n’ Dough T-shirts and the honour of adorning their wall of fame.  

Runners up can also expect a prize for their efforts.

Restaurant owner Adam Jones told MM: “The idea stemmed from US independent restaurants, and the big eating challenges they have over there. 

“They really create a community within the restaurant; it’s a chance to get regulars some in and also a lot of new faces new faces.”

Adam, who coincidentally shares the same name as Adam Richman of Man v. Food fame, said they are considering making the competition a regular feature, adding a new ‘top dog’ to the wall of fame every few months.

The fact that some of the proceeds go to a good cause are further incentive to make it a regular feature.

A Dogs and Dough staff member told MM: “Will we see the 1,600 sausages get eaten? Well I’ve seen some things in my time working here so I think anything is possible. 

“I’ve seen people coming in for lunch and demolishing four sausages on a pizza complete with multiple sides and not being fazed by it, so it’s certainly possible they will all go!”

COMPETITION TIME: Hot dog competitions are commonplace in America  (Image courtesy of MichaelTapp, via Flickr, with thanks)

“With something like this it’s always good to give to the community. Forever Manchester are a great charity who do some brilliant work in the area, so the partnership just made sense,” Adam said.

Craig Hough, Events and Fundraising Coordinator for Forever Manchester, told MM: “Forever Manchester is incredibly grateful to the Dog n’ Dough staff for hosting what promises to be a banging night of sausage eating, plenty of cheating, and meat sweats.

“All donations from the event will go towards supporting our grass-root community groups and initiatives across Greater Manchester.”

Taking on such a gut-busting challenge inevitably brings with it a health warning though.

A Dogs and Dough staff member said: “We will be giving plenty of health warning beforehand. We don’t want people throwing up!”

To apply to take part in the Manc v. Hot Dog Challenge, email [email protected] or call Adam on 07974900576 

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