‘Legal high’ crackdown: Police seize 3,000 substances after Stockport kids hospitalised

A crackdown on ‘legal highs’ in Stockport has seen 3,000 substances seized – which police claim have left several school children in hospital and others dead.

Officers from Greater Manchester Police and Stockport Council’s Trading Standards have teamed up with Public Health to crack down on the sale of deadly substances in the area.

The new initiative, from The Safer Stockport Partnership, is targeting local shops selling the drugs that can cause ‘massive harm and damage’ to consumers.

Cllr Patrick McAuley, Executive Member for Economic Development and Regeneration, said: “A number of people have died after having consumed or smoked a so called ‘legal high’ and more recently a number of Stockport school children have been admitted to hospital after taking these products.

“This campaign is aimed at protecting our young people from the massive harm and damage that these products can cause.

“We are frustrated this is the limit of the council’s ability to influence, and we would welcome a national debate in Parliament about the ‘highs’ epidemic Stockport will continue to suffer from if the problems associated with ‘highs’ legal or otherwise continue.”

Continued searches will take place at shops which stock the drugs to make sure they are following legal requirements.

Should the seized drugs be determined ‘unsafe’ for consumption, then the retailers could face legal action.

An education program will also be put into action, warning children of the serious damage that can be caused by taking these ‘lethal highs’.

Members of the public wishing to report business premises selling these products are advised to contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 04 05 06 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Image courtesy of Tristan B, with thanks.

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