General election 2024: Bolton North East area profile

The general election will take place on 4 July and the people of Bolton North East will decide who represents them in parliament.

Who is standing?

All the major parties have representation in this seat, including Labour’s Kirith Entwistle, the Conservatives’ Adele Warren and the Lib Dems’ Rebecca Forrest.

All of those three are looking to become the first woman to represent Bolton North East.

Bolton’s first Green councillor, Hanif Alli, is now looking to become Bolton’s first Green MP.

The full candidate list can be found here.

Key issues

Transport has been a key issue in Bolton for many years now with a promise by outgoing MP Mark Logan to extend the Metrolink tram system there not fulfilled.

It was hoped that the redirection of HS2 funds would allow the project to go ahead under the ‘Network North’ banner.

However, there has been little mention of this since the PM’s announcement in October of last year and Mr Logan’s meeting with Transport Secretary Mark Harper.

Many of the candidates have had this as a focus of their campaign – including Labour’s Entwistle, who is looking to work with regional mayor Andy Burnham to extend the Bee Network buses to Bolton.

The town centre has been listed as a key issue in many of the candidates’ campaigns, with shops in the market town often left derelict and in need of a revamp.

It has been awarded the title of Greater Manchester Town of Culture for 2024 and Burnham has committed funding for its regeneration – but candidates will need to communicate on the doorstep how they will change the centre for the better.

Child poverty has been a key talking point in this election, and one that directly impacts Bolton.

In 2022/23, Bolton was ranked as the 12th worst area for child poverty in the UK with 36.7% of children living in poverty, according to the Department for Work and Pensions.

Neither the Conservatives nor Labour have committed to scrapping the two-child benefit cap which could lift 250,000 children out of poverty.

Only the Lib Dems and Green Party have made the commitment to scrap the policy.

Voting history

Bolton North East has only ever been held by either a Conservative or Labour politician.

When the seat was created in 1983, it was won by Conservative candidate Peter Thurnham, who held the seat for the next two elections.

However, in 1997 it turned to Labour, with David Crausby holding the seat up until 2019 – when he was narrowly beaten by Conservative Mark Logan.

Mr Logan recently made the news when he announced he was to stand down as an MP but had also defected to the Labour party.

What is predicted for the area?

This area, like many constituencies across the country, is predicted to turn from the Conservatives to Labour.

In the latest YouGov poll, if people were to go to the polls today, Greater Manchester would see a Tory wipeout with Labour taking the majority of seats.

Labour would only need to overturn a majority of 378 and it is likely they will take the seat back.

Who can vote in the elections?

The requirements to vote are:

  • You have to be over 18. 
  • A British, Irish or Commonwealth citizen living in the UK, or a British citizen living overseas who has resided in the UK within the previous 15 years.
  • Registered at an address in Bolton North East.

Registration to vote is still open but the deadline is Tuesday 18 June.

If you want to apply for a postal vote you will have until Wednesday 19 June.

When and where can I vote?

Polling day is 4 July and stations will be open from 7am until 10pm.

It is important to remember that if you are voting at a polling station you will need to bring a valid form of photo ID to ensure you are able to vote.

To find out your local polling station you can head to this link and enter your postcode to find out.

When will the results be announced?

Results will be announced on 5 July, usually overnight and into the early afternoon.

Mancunian Matters will be covering the general election for the whole of Greater Manchester.

To keep up with our election coverage follow us on social media and visit our website for live coverage, articles, interviews, reaction before polling day and thereafter.

Image credit: David Dixon / Bolton Town Hall, Victoria Square / CC BY-SA 2.0

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