‘Let Fahy do his job’: John Leech dismisses calls for GMP chief to be suspended during police watchdog probe

Greater Manchester Police Chief should be able to ‘get on and do his job’ rather than resign or face suspension, says MP John Leech following a police watchdog probe.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) issued Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy with criminal and gross misconduct notices following his role in a ‘poorly-handled’ sex offence investigation.

Both Labour MP for Blackley and Broughton Graham Stringer and his party colleague Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk have voiced their views that Fahy should hand in his resignation following the allegations.

But John Leech, Liberal Democrats MP for Manchester Withington, disagrees and told MM: “All the stuff I have read suggests to me it is perfectly appropriate for him to continue as Chief Constable while the investigation is taking place.

“It shouldn’t in any way impact his ability to do the job or to clear his name given the allegation that’s been made.

“I think there’s a danger if people in senior roles are automatically expected to stand aside while something is being investigated, there’s a danger people are just not able to get on and do the job.”

Fahy, as well as three other serving officers at Greater Manchester Police, had the finger pointed at them by a whistleblower earlier this week.

The police watchdog is investigating the Chief Constable’s involvement in substandard surveillance of a suspected paedophile.

In reaction, both Stringer and Danczuk spoke out claiming Fahy’s resignation is in the interests of Greater Manchester.

Joining the police in 1981, Fahy received a knighthood for his services to the force in 2012.

However, more recently, he has faced controversy in the press.

Fahy appeared in court last month to answer charges against the force for alleged healthy and safety breaches after an unarmed shooting case in 2012.

Leech said: “If allegations are made against people in the public eye, they absolutely need to be investigated fully and people need to have the opportunity to defend themselves.

Image courtesy of GM Police and VMODF via YouTube with thanks

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