Friends of the Earth fight for Clean Air Zone in Greater Manchester

Manchester Friends of the Earth are doing their bit to help Greater Manchester become more environmentally friendly for Clean Air Day today.

Since 2020, Manchester and Salford City Councils have been in talks to introduce an ultra-low emission zone which charges vehicles for driving within the Manchester/Salford Ring Road.

The Clean Air Zone is designed to reduce pollution across the city centre – and Friends of the Earth are urging the councils to get the clean air zone up and running.

Data obtained by Transport for Greater Manchester in 2020 showed that eight Nitrogen Dioxide monitoring sites in the ring road area were above the legal limit.

Friends of the Earth say the UK government has failed over and over again to meet its obligations to keep air pollution below dangerous limits.

They say the government needs to meet their agreements in “the shortest time possible” to help fight the battle of climate change.

Research by Asthma and Lung UK showed that Greater Manchester has one of the highest rates in the country for emergency admissions in children with lower respiratory tract infections.

King’s College estimated that air pollution costs the district an extra £1.2 billion a year due to the health risks.

The Ultra Low Emissions Zone in London reduced roadside NO2 by 36% in the first six months of operation, and officials are hoping for similar results for Manchester.

The newly implemented Clean Air Plan aims to tackle all pollution from the roads.

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