Doing their bit: Manchester club hosts charity night to raise money for refugees

Popular Manchester nightclub and music venue The Deaf Institute will play host to a charity night organised by People Over Borders this weekend.

The event sees a host of famous faces, including Hacienda regulars Graeme Park and Dave Haslam offering their support, on Sunday September 20.

As well as the coming together of some of Manchester’s finest musical minds, the event will also have a raffle and an auction in order to help raise funds for those affected by the crisis.

It aims to provide help and supplies to families in Syria and the refugee camps in Macedonia Greece and Hungary.

Event organiser Elliot Eastwick said: “We saw the same pictures as you. The same things on our Facebook timelines and Twitter feed.

“We thought if we could set up a framework for people to be able to help, and feel excited about helping, then we should. So we did.”

Scores of local companies and individuals have offered a helping hand in either the organisation of the event or by offering items to be auctioned off or won.

The popularity of the event has crossed county lines as companies such as Sheffield based independent record store Allears, among others, have offered merchandise to help with the cause.

The past two weeks have seen a monumental up swell in support for the thousands of refugees fleeing their homeland as more than 300,000 people signed the petition for Britain to accept more refugees seeking asylum in Europe.

David Cameron, appearing to have been strong armed into acting, has pledged to increase the number of refugees being accepted into Britain – but only to 4,000 a year.

The Prime Minister has also refused to adhere to the European Union’s pledged refugee quota.

Despite the much criticised response by the leader of the country, it appears that the Manchester music scene is leading the way and could set an example for others to follow.

This show of solidarity comes after Lucy Powell, MP for Manchester Central wrote recently in an open letter to the Prime Minister demanding Britain to do more regarding the crisis.

Ms Powell said; “I know that I speak for many when I say that our city would welcome playing its part”.

A spokesperson for Manchester Refugee Support Network echoed Ms Powell’s sentiments.

She said: “Fundraising evenings like the one being organised by People Over Borders are so important to help keep vital services going.

“We wish the evening every success and hope it can provide much-needed relief to hundreds of refugees.”

All proceeds from the event will go to the Syrian Relief fund, a Manchester based charity.

For further information or if you wish to make a donation, click here

And tickets for the event are available here

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