Jail for Moston man who tried to kill boyfriend with bread knife in frenzied attack

A man who lured his boyfriend to an address in Manchester then launched a ‘horrific’ attack with a bread knife has been jailed for eight years.

Stuart Coope, of Minster Road, Moston, pleaded guilty to attempted murder after stabbing and slashing his 39-year-old boyfriend in the early hours of Saturday, March 29.

On the evening the attack occurred, Coope’s partner entered the kitchen of the address, before Coope lunged for a knife block and grabbed a large, serrated bread knife.

Coope, 37, sliced through the man’s thumb, almost severing it, before chasing him down the hall screaming ‘I will do time for you’ while stabbing the victim in the back of the neck and head.

After suffering other slashes to his arms the victim escaped to the front door of the house where he collapsed from a loss of blood on the street.

As he lay on the floor Coope proceeded to stamp, kick and punch the victim in the head and body until a passerby-intervened and called the police.

Following his sentencing at Manchester Crown Court, Detective Constable Louise Edwards of Greater Manchester Police said: “The brutality and animosity of this attack is shocking, even for an experienced police officer.

“Had he not been interrupted, I have no doubt that Coope would have continued his assault until the victim was dead. 

“This harrowing attack was perpetrated by a man that the victim knew and trusted, someone who had been his partner for more than two years.

“The victim was convinced he was going to die, and the bravery and sheer will to survive that he showed in such horrific circumstances should be admired.”

Image courtesy of Stephen Richards, with thanks.

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