Lose the slap: Manchester joins in #nomakeup selfie craze sweeping social media for cancer awareness

Cancer Research UK has found a new champion – the selfie – with the Happy Mondays singer Rowetta Idah among those posing with no make-up to raise awareness for the charity.

Women, and men, have started posting pictures of themselves on social media sites under #nomakeup.

What started out as a bit of fun somewhere along the line became associated with raising money and awareness for cancer research.

Users have to be nominated by their freinds before they can post their picture, which has spurned a host of women reluctantly posting pictures of themselves without their slap.

Happy Mondays singer Rowetta posted a snap of herself without make-up, with band-member and Bez, who announced last week he would be running for the postion of Salford MP.

Rowetta’s Twitter followers praised the singer’s youthful looks, who is 48.

Ian Beverly said: “Goodness, I’m 27 and you look younger than me! So fresh-faced!”

Another tweeter, Hugo Siglitz said: “throw the make up bag in the bin Rowetta – not needed!”

Neil Forrest had a tongue in cheek dig at fan favourite, Bez. He said: still looking lovely Ro! Not so sure about your mate!”


Cancer research UK confirmed to MM that they are not the driving force between the no make-up selfie craze, but welcome the awareness and support it is bringing.

A spokesperson for Cancer research UK said: “We’ve been asked quite a lot overnight whether this was something started by us – unfortunately it wasn’t.

“However we welcome anything that raises a cancer wareness, so we certainly fully support the no make-up selfie campaign.”

Not everyone is quite so impressed by the campaign though and have taken to social networking sites to make their thoughts known.

@TheJaw123 said: “If anyone actually wanted to help cancer research, they’d donate money not use it as an excuse to put a photo on Facebook #nomakeup x”

Richard Priestley said on Twitter: “Can’t help but feel if people actually gave money charity instead of just posting a #nomakeup selfie, a lot more problems would be solved.”

Some have even began posting tongue-in-cheek pictures mocking the latest selfie craze.

British comic Josephine Caulfield posted this hilarious picture of a rebellious OAP showing off her no make-up pic.

Marissa Baird Tweeted a picture of this adorable mutt.


Main Image courtesy of Mhari-Claire Doolan, via Facebook, with thanks.

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