Oldham Council becomes first UK authority to sign European Peace declaration

Oldham Council has become the first local authority in the UK to sign a European Pledge to Peace declaration.

The declaration is a commitment to building communities and spreading peace that will see Oldham put in place projects and actions promoting a culture of peace.

The Mayor of Oldham, Councillor Ateeque Ur-Rehman, was presented with a coat of arms from Mazara Del Vallo, a Sicilian city which recently held an international festival to celebrate peace and culture.

Councillor Ur-Rehman said: “It is great to have links with Mazara Del Vallo, which is a city exemplary at promoting peace in Europe.

“This signing reinforces Oldham’s positive work to promote peace throughout the borough, like the response to the crisis in Gaza.

“The council raised an Oldham Peace Flag and in the same week members of an Oldham delegation delivered an 8,303 name petition to Downing Street, calling for an end to all hostilities.”

Other events saw the council work with Peace Talks Oldham to host the first Oldham Peace Day last September.

A peace conference was also held last October to identify ways residents can help those suffering through conflict.

Plans are already in place to hold a second Oldham Peace Day in September.

Be part of the borough’s peace campaign on Twitter by tweeting #PeaceOldham.

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