You just can’t give it away! 60% of Mancunians TURNED DOWN free cash as part of new social experiment

Would you say yes to free cash? Well according to new research from an online cashback site, more than half of the people offered the chance to take it in Manchester refused! offered members of the public in Manchester, London and Brighton free cash ranging from £5 to £50.

And, somewhat amazingly, 55% of the 600 asked turned down the chance to take it.

Just 40% of Mancunians accepted the free cash on offer while Brighton was conclusively the most willing with 65% doing so.

Londoners were the most likely to reject the free money with 70% declining the grand gesture of free cash.

The biggest outcome of the experiment, which was conducted with 200 people over the age of 18 in each of the three cities, was the vast age difference when it came to the acceptance of free cash.

The youth of today were clearly more willing to accept such a gesture as 70 per cent of the people who chose to accept the money were in the age bracket of 18-30.

On the other hand in stark contrast, a measly 15 per cent of people aged 50 or over accepted the money which indicates the safer approach undertaken by senior participants., an internet cashback site, passes up to 105% of the commission rate that retailers pay it – to advertise their products and services – back to its members.

The site has 4.6 million members, which is more than double the amount of members in the last two years alone, and is celebrating its tenth birthday this year.

British public can earn up to, on average, £356 each year from their classic shopping when using, which has 4,300 retailers including the likes of Amazon, Argos, Asos, Currys,, Marks & Spencer and Sky.

600 participants were involved in the experiment (200 per region) from the UK aged over 18 years

Natasha Rachel Smith, Global Head of Communications at the site, said: “2015 marks the tenth year TopCashback has enabled millions of people across the UK to make money with no catch, yet 90 per cent of the population are still turning their backs on cashback.

“To highlight this, and to show that some things aren’t too good to be true, we hit the streets to see how Brits reacted to being offered cash.

“Unsurprisingly, the majority of the public were sceptical of the offer but those whom didn’t turn their back walked away with some extra money in their pocket with no strings attached – much like the gains you make when using”

Picture courtesy of Howard Lake, with thanks.

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