General Election 2019: Meet the Manchester Withington candidates

Labour MP Jeff Smith increased his majority in Manchester Withington at the 2017 general election to 55.7%, finishing with a 71.7% share in the vote.

It looks set for a Labour hold in the upcoming election with second place John Leech of the Liberal Democrats receiving nearly thirty-thousand less votes than Smith.

Manchester Withington voted resoundingly in favour of remaining during the European Union referendum with 75.06% of its constituents voting to remain.

The Labour Party regained the seat in 2015 after losing it to the Liberal Democrats at the 2005 election.

Political candidates

Lucy Bannister – Green Party

Lucy Bannister is entering her second general election calling for a second referendum on Brexit and hope to take advantage of the pro-remain constituency.


John Leech – Liberal Democrats

Former Manchester Withington MP, John Leech, will be looking to reclaim his seat but faces an uphill task to cut Jeff Smith’s majority.


Jeff Smith – Labour Party

Part-time DJ Jeff Smith goes into his third election in a healthy position, and will be expected to keep his majority.


Stephen Patrick Ward – Brexit Party

Ward is Manchester Withington’s first ever candidate from The Brexit Party, and in a constituency which emphatically voted to remain in the EU his chances are slim.

Shengke Zhi – The Conservative Party

Dr Shengke Zhi is bidding to become the constituency’s first Tory MP since Fred Silvester’s victory at the 1983 election.


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