UKIP can be new Labour, says Nigel Farage as he targets Jim Dobbin’s Middleton seat in by-election

Nigel Farage is promising that UKIP have an answer for every man while his rivals rely on ‘parachuting in career politicians’. 

The UKIP leader lashed out at Labour’s dominance in the North during a visit to Manchester this week to officially open the party’s by-election bid in Heywood.

The visit was an opportunity for Nigel to meet and greet the people of Heywood and Middleton along with the UKIP candidate for the area, John Bickley.

The by-election has been called due to the sudden death of Labour MP Jim Dobbin who had held the traditionally-safe Labour seat for the last 20 years.

Mr Farage told MM: “What’s happened in the North of England is the Labour party have parachuted in, John is a man of the people and that’s what people like about UKIP.  We have a cross-section in our party – the other three parties are staffed with career politicians.”

This will be the second by-election Mr Bickley has contested this year as he was UKIP’s candidate in the Wythenshawe and Sale East by-election, where he came second.

NIGE TO SEE YOU: MM’s Vanessa Williams speaks to the UKIP leader

With 55% of Scots voting ‘no’ in the historic independence referendum, the union will remain together after months of campaigning by Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond came to nothing.

But Mr Farage insists that the bid for freedom from the rest of the UK has had an impact and drastically altered the face of UK politics – and that a constitutional changes are required to put the spotlight on England.

He said: “It’ll never quite be the same again, something fundamental has changed from this, we need a new constitution settlement that is seen to be fair to the English because the English have been forgotten about.”

Beer-loving Mr Farage then went onto have a drink with locals in the Roebuck pub, Middleton to rally up support ahead of the vote, which will take place on October 9.

UKIP won 27.5% of the vote and had 24 MEPs elected in May’s European elections as the party continued to grow.

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