Built this city on song: Young musicians and lyricists get big stage shot at Manchester’s Band on the Wall

Manchester is the City of Sing and is offering young songwriters the chance to flaunt their abilities thanks to workshops being hosted at the iconic Band on the Wall.

Sing City gives potential songwriters from 13-18-years-old the opportunity to broaden their skills and perform with the help of professionals from the industry.

One such person is Sara Lowes, who has performed on BBC Radio 6 and toured with the likes of Coldplay, Marina and the Diamonds and King Creosote.

The Manchester resident has been helping to run the music project and believes the sessions are a great way for any budding lyricists to gain valuable experience.

“For young people there is an opportunity to be creative,” she said.

“It’s just such a diverse way for people to get involved and there are some very talented young songwriters already in our group.

“We’ve had the weekly sessions already and it is a proper gig atmosphere. I think some of the musicians are really focused and they are all expressing an interest in the industry.

“So far we’ve delivered folk music, pop driven music and had an eclectic show-reel influenced by their music tastes.”

The events are held at Manchester’s iconic Band on the Wall and are an exciting opportunity for young vocalists and songwriters.

Largely based around the opportunity to do harmonies and to write new music, participants also gain experience from guest artists.  

Other people taking part in the project are Simon Aldred, lead singer for Bolton rock band Cherry Ghost, which has so far seen him pick-up an Iver Novello and a ‘Q’ award. 

Yvonne Shelton, who has worked with George Michael, is also involved as is Liam Frost, a solo artist with the TOKOLOSH project. 

Lowes believes that this repertoire of musicians will be able to make get the best out of people and hopefully, fulfil their potential.

“All the staff that get involved are great people and to continue to develop the repertoire is an aim as a means of putting the scheme on the map.

“I grew up with a group of musicians that I met in the music industry and in my opinion it is how you commit to it that matters. 

“You can perform live on stage in front of an audience to boost confidence and that is great.”

The next Sing City night will be on May 28 at Band on the Wall and further sessions take place on the final Wednesday of every month.

Running from 6-8pm, any queries should be emailed to [email protected]

Image courtesy of Liam Frost, with thanks

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