Student begs for return of niece’s ‘priceless’ drawing of dead brother stolen in wallet

A student has put out a heartfelt plea for the return of a ‘priceless’ picture drawn by his niece – snatched when his wallet was stolen at a Manchester club on Tuesday night.

Student Liam Baker was out at 42nd Street Nightclub on Bootle Street on Tuesday when he felt someone take the wallet from his back pocket at around 2am.

Unfortunately, he didn’t react in time and despite informing the bouncer about the theft, it wasn’t until he was in the minibus home that he realised the treasured picture was in the wallet.

The drawing, by his six-year-old niece Paris, depicted her brother Harry on a cloud above the rest of the family. Harry tragically died of a blood clot at the age of just four.

Mr Baker told MM: “There was £40 in there, my provisional driving licence, my two debit cards and that picture. The debit cards and ID I’m not too fussed about because they’re easily replaced, but the picture was priceless to be honest.

“Unfortunately we lost my four-year-old nephew in June to a blood clot, which was completely out of the blue. In the coming months after that, my niece, who is only six years old, was confused about what was going on. One day she drew that picture for me and it really does mean a lot.”

“I’m not angry – at the end of the day it’s a wallet,” said Mr Baker. “You know, some things are easily replaced, but that picture’s got huge sentimental value and that’s all I want back.”

At 7pm this evening, the tweet had racked up more than 350 retweets, with the Manchester community keen to reunite this uncle with his cherished drawing.

Anyone with any information is advised to contact Liam via his Twitter.

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