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Universally Manchester Festival: 200 years of the University of Manchester

The Universally Manchester Festival celebrated 200 years of the University of Manchester and took place over four days in June.

The Oxford Road campus hosted more than 150 free events from musical performances to inspiring exhibitions and immersive art installations.

Emma Pemberton-Eccles, Festival Director for Universally Manchester, said: “The university is part of Manchester. It’s the place that makes the university, the people, the ecosystem.

“Turning 200 is a huge milestone for any organisation and we wanted to showcase the breadth and depth of what the university has to offer.”

Several alumni from the university took part such as particle physicist Brian Cox who studied with the university and has worked with them on the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva.

Behind the scenes tours of the university were also on offer exploring the architectural history of the buildings as well as the art and activism of the university across its bicentenary.

Emma also said the Universally Manchester celebrations are due to continue throughout the university’s 200th year with announcements expected around October for the Manchester Science Festival.

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