X marks the spot: Cash-filled envelope treasure hunt craze hits Manchester after sweeping America

A social media scavenger hunt that has taken America by storm has come to Manchester.

Envelopes filled with a single £20 note have been hidden in secret locations that can only be discovered by working out some clues, a picture, a written clue and a vine video.

Kwangl, the company behind the stunt, are a social media service who inform users about hashtagn competitions.

Company director Matt Edgley said: “We’ve done a lot of work internationally but to launch our service here in Manchester we wanted to do something really exciting that’s going to engage people, it’s really good fun and everyone loves free cash.”

The stunt comes after a social experiment in San Francisco in June.

An anonymous millionaire began hiding cash in envelopes around the city and posting clues of how to find it on social media site Twitter.

It was later revealed the man behind the idea was 43-year-old Jason Buzi, a Californian real estate investor. He and his team apparently left more than $15,000 over in just under a month.

Similar stunts occurred in Washington and Baltimore, before making it across the pond to London.

Last month several envelopes were left across the capital in the first British leg of the social experiment.

Mr Buzi told a national newspaper that he had plans to take the treasure hunt to Madrid and Paris and said he and his team would carry on for up to a year.

Now Kwangl are bringing the experiment to Manchester.

The first clue went live at 7am this morning and was found at 8.30am by @joshelee.

Now the race is on to find the second envelope, the clues will be released at 10.30.

To get the clues, sign up to Kwangl and you will be sent to your email.

There are three envelopes, but if the hunt is a success Kwangl will keep putting out more.

Matt said: “We know that people enjoy a treasure hunt so we hope this goes well and we make someone’s day.”

Image courtesy of Howard Lake, with thanks.

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