‘Mirror twins’ achieve same GCSE results in record-breaking results day at Manchester Grammar School

By Steven Brown

A pair of identical twin brothers from Stockport received matching IGCSE and GCSE results yesterday in a record breaking day for Manchester Grammar school in which 90% of students achieved A or A* grades.

Charles and Cammie Stewart-Syme from Bramhall, did not study the same subjects but coincidentally both achieved seven A*s and three As.

The twins will go onto study matching A-Level subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Maths and History something that also was unplanned.

Charles said: “I feel really happy with these results and am looking forward to coming back and getting on with my A Levels in September.”

Cammie, the youngest of the twins born just 30 seconds after his brother said: “I am the happiest I’ve been.”

There have been many coincidences throughout the twins’ lives which has led to their mother nicknaming them ‘mirror twins’.

After completing their A-Levels, the twins hope to study at an American University.

Not only did the twins achieve excellent grades but a staggering 39 students received straight A* grades.

As well 117 Manchester Grammar boys also achieved at least seven or more A* grades.

The new Manchester Grammer School High Master Dr Martin Boulton said: “These results are truly remarkable and out MGS among only a handful of schools nationally.

“I am delighted that our boys have once again had their hard work rewarded.”

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