Burglary and robbery rates plummet in Bolton – but police warn residents to avoid being victims over Christmas

By Matthew Ord

Burglaries and robberies taking place in buildings are occurring less frequently in Bolton year after year, MM can reveal.

Information obtained by MM under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 shows that there has been a decrease in the total amount of burglaries in both dwellings and other buildings, as well as robberies of a personal property, since 2009.

Between 2009 and 2012, there has been a decrease of 580 incidents, with the biggest yearly drop being 436 from 2009-2010.

With burglaries alone there has been a drop of 485 from 2009-2012, the vast majority of which have been in a property. Statistics look set to fall much lower in 2013, with 1,189 being recorded between January and October.

Superintendent Stephen Nibloe, of the Bolton Division, said: “Here at Greater Manchester Police we are very pleased to see a reduction in robberies and burglaries in Bolton.

“It reflects the hard work carried out by our officers who are tackling crime and providing the public with safety advice to avoid becoming a victim of criminality.”

The number of burglaries in a dwelling also looks set to fall in 2013.

With an average of 86 occurring each month from January to October the total amount for the year, if that average continues, will be 1,035 – a drop of more than 300 from last year.

As for the number of robberies of a personal property, the average so far for 2013 is 16 a month and all together there have been 2,220 robbery and burglary incidents up until October.

Superintendent Nibloe also advised residents on how to keep the figures low and avoid being robbed or burgled themselves.

He added: “We advise people to use alarms when leaving the house and to use light timers to deter thieves. Windows and doors should also be locked even when you are in the house.” 

He also gave advice on how to avoid being a victim of theft on the street, and said: “Shoppers are reminded to be aware of their surroundings when out and about and to keep wallets and other valuables out of sight in an inside zipped or buttoned pocket.

“Handbags should be fastened and carried with the strap across the body rather than over the shoulder, and if you are using a cash point, cover your PIN with your hand and look out for people loitering near the machine.”

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