Manchester tea buff dreams of brewing support for reincarnated cuppa company with crowdfunding initiative

A Manchester-based tea connoisseur is dreaming of blending her love of art and tea and boosting her company relaunch with a crowdfunding initiative.

Parched Tea founder Marcy Hazell wants to bring ethically-sourced loose leaf tea to the masses and combine it with pretty artistic packaging but needs backers to dig deep and help raise £3,500.

The shop started life in the bustling Arndale Market, but due to personal and economic problems she shut up shop in 2006 but is now determined to get Parched Tea brewing up once again.

She explained: “Coffee had already been done and there was a growing market for specialist teas.

“We want to create a tea brand that entices the consumer to try loose leaf tea with simple, user-friendly language, images and style.”

But it’s not just your typical types of rosy lee that are on offer with the likes of liquorice tea, oolong tea and nettle tea on the menu.

Marcy said that not only do the teas taste great but they’re also good for the environment.

“By buying loose leaf tea you are shrinking your tea carbon footprint,” she explained.

“Eventually I wish to deal directly with farmers to create an even better Fairtrade partnership by cutting out the middle man.”

If you wish to boost the coffers and support Parched Tea you can donate by clicking here

Each pound donated will help the independent brand and your name will be listed as a founding backer on the website.

For more information visit

Picture courtesy of Tyler Fonville via Flickr, with thanks

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