Unique 24:7 theatre festival returns to Manchester to showcase best of world’s emerging talent

By Matt Scrafton

A ‘unique theatre festival’ that offers innovative drama returns to Manchester this summer for the tenth consecutive year.

The 24:7 theatre festival, first set up in 2004, takes place between July 19-26 in a number of bars and clubs around the city centre.

The festival helps nurture the writing, directing, performing and producing of tomorrow’s best up-and-coming talent.

David Slack, Executive Producer and Creator of 24:7, said: “I can’t believe it’s that time of year again.

“24:7 is a once-a-year opportunity to see some fine, brand new performances, mostly by theatre artists that are emerging on to the scene. Who knows, you might see the next big thing.”

The event takes place in a number of unusual settings around the city, including libraries, a museum and even a working fire station.

Kathryn Worthington, Festival Director, hoped the return of a kids show would bring the theatre a new audience of both young people and those whose parents love theatre and want to share it with their kids.

There will be between ten and twelve new productions offered this year, with script-in-hand readings of works in progress also on offer.

They will also be showcasing work from Australia at The Portico Library.

Mr Slack added: “It’s fantastic that, in spite of financial and social difficulties, people still want to write plays.

“In fact, it’s a productive safety valve and outlet for many writers, facing up to the challenges of living today.”

An announcement of selected scripts will be made sometime within the next month, while the official launch will take place at The Comedy Store on June 20.

Picture courtesy of The Co-operative, with thanks.

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