Manchester’s growing rat and mouse problem blamed on students and wet summer

A pest control company has claimed that it is receiving an ‘unusually high’ number of calls relating to mice and rat problems in Greater Manchester.

With an influx of students into the city in the last few days for fresher’s week, and the increased waste inside and outside they bring, many are predicting the problem could get even worse.

Young’s’ Pest Control, a professional service based in Trafford, believes that a wet summer has led to a growth in the number of rodents across the city.

Rick Young, 32, an expert at the firm, told MM: “This year has been very unusual. We have been dealing with a lot of mice and rats – more than previous years in Manchester.

“This is mainly due to the bad weather that we’ve had.”

Last year, Manchester City Council received around 6,000 reports of mice, with more than 1,000 in Moss Side and Fallowfield alone.

Mr Young issued a warning to students moving into the popular Fallowfield area, claiming the majority of cases have been within this part of Manchester.

“Most cases tend to be in more built-up areas and this is where you usually find a large number of students,” he said.

“Students tend to be a lot dirtier than other people the majority of the time too.”

Leah Somne, 24, a student at Manchester Metropolitan University, is one of many living in Fallowfield who have suffered from rodent problems.

She said: “I’d like to think our house is very clean but we have problems with mice and I’ve only been here a month.”

Mr Young was also keen to emphasise that the city’s pest problem doesn’t stop at residential areas, but affects many businesses, particularly restaurants and takeaways.

By law, premises serving food must be able to show that they have done everything possible to prevent pests getting into preparation areas and food.

Mr Young, however, doesn’t think that enough is being done in takeaways across Greater Manchester.

He said: “I think every take away should have a pest control exterminator as the majority of takeaways in Manchester, especially in the city centre, have a problem with pests.

“I think it’s pretty scary that so many people eat at these places.”

Picture courtesy of Alice, with thanks.

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