EAT FRESH? Horrified Subway customer claims to find maggot in her food

A woman instantly threw up when she discovered a maggot in her meatball marinara from Subway.

Dior Pitt, a student at Liverpool John Moores University, had just finished eating her first bite of the sub when she discovered the creature late last week.

She then called up Subway to complain, who offered her a replacement sandwich, before telling her that what she had discovered was “impossible”.

Dior took to Facebook to vent her disgust and frustration.

“I was casually eating my lunch and came across a full blown MAGGOT embedded in my meat ball after eating a meat ball first,” she said.

“I was sick all over.

“I don’t know about anyone else but I think that is damn right disgusting and not normal whatsoever.”

Following her over-the-phone complaint, Dior went back into the Manchester-based branch to prove her claims, but was again frustrated as she was asked if she wanted a refund.

This particular Subway branch was awarded a 4-star rating by the Food Standards Agency.

Based on Cross Street in Manchester city centre, an independent food safety officer described their ‘very good’ hygienic food handling, ‘generally satisfactory’ cleanliness, and ‘good’ management of food safety.

Subway was unavailable for comment.

The company is already the UK’s largest High Street fast-food chain and is looking to open another 500 stores by 2020.

That would bring its total to 3,000 across the UK and Ireland – significantly ahead of its closest rivals, Greggs and McDonald’s.

Subway is run by about 900 franchisees, often local businessmen and women.

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