Warning: Adulterers on the rise! Married Mancunians using cheating website rocket by 20%

By David Aspinall

Cheaters and adulterers are on the rise in Manchester, MM can reveal.

The number of married people in Greater Manchester using a dating site solely for the purpose of cheating on their spouses has risen by almost 20% in less than a year.

A huge 21,469 people are now members of a website designed solely for married people who want to cheat compared to 17,891 in 2012 – which constitutes 13 new members per day.

These figures come hot on the heels of a nationwide survey from  members, which showed that nearly three-quarters have admitted they had tried to contact at least one ex with a view to cheating on their current partner.

More than 74% of the 3,422 members who completed the survey said they had tried to reach an old flame either by Facebook, search engine or being reacquainted through mutual friends.’s founder and CEO, Noel Biderman, said: “Relationships with an ex are the most at risk of exposure, most often from an affair partner who hoped for more than a quick fling and becomes jealous of the spouse.”

Almost one third of those who admitted to attempting to reignite former passions in the survey confirmed that they had succeeded in sealing the deal.

The website is the world’s leading married dating site and has 803,000 UK members.

It is also the second fastest growing social network concept worldwide, with more than 20 million users in 30 countries.

In light of these surprisingly high numbers, Mancunian Matters stepped out in to the city centre and asked you for your opinions on exes and cheating.

Is sex with an ex a good idea?








Curt, 37, a Manchester-based web designer, said: “No. There’s a reason you broke up in the first place.”

Misha, 19, a student at Manchester University agreed. “You shouldn’t go back to your ex because it will only bring up bad past memories,” she said.

However, Hannah, 19, also a student in Manchester, disagreed, and believes it depends on how long ago you broke up. “If it was a year ago then maybe, but if it was only a few months your feelings could still be too fresh,” she said.

Her friend Shilpa, also agreed it depends. “If he’s your best friend, then maybe,” she said. “But if he’s a psycho, then never go back there!”

It appears there are some success stories out there if you rekindle a relationship with a former partner.

Coral, 25, an illustrator in the Northern Quarter, explained: “I got back with an ex and we have been together for seven years now after we hooked up once he moved back from London.”

Manchester may be split on exes in general but when it comes to hooking up with one if you’re in a relationship then the answer was unanimous .

MM failed to track down any of those who have joined the philandering dating website. Or at least didn’t get anyone to admit to it.

Should you have sex with an ex if you’re already in a relationship?








That all appears very honourable, but one of the main factors in this could be fear more than loyalty.

Todd, 21, a student living in Manchester, asked: “Why get with an ex?

“Find someone new and then there’s no way of being caught.”

This opinion was echoed by Nick, a 24-year-old marketing executive from Altrincham. He said: “No way, the ex could get all emotional again and potentially sabotage your marriage!”

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