Saddleworth Moor fire: Live updates as firefighters tackle 6km blaze declared ‘major incident’

Firefighters are currently still tackling a huge blaze on Saddleworth Moor – hours after it was declared a ‘major incident’.

Fire crews were first called to attend blaze on the hills above Dove Stone Reservoir and Carrbrook in Tameside at 8.20pm on Sunday.

The ‘inferno’ – which has been described as ‘the largest in living memory’ – measures 6km as of Wednesday.

Homes in the area are being evacuated, with residents being advised to stay indoors as a smoky haze absorbs the surrounding area.

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GMP are warning motorists to be careful when driving along the M60. 

While there are no road closers, the smoke from the fire is so far reaching that’s causing issues in terms of visiblity and breathing for drivers.





Social media users aren’t miss the chance to shower praise on those firefighters tackling the blaze.

Just one of the touching posts says: “We’re all moaning about how hot it is whilst they’re all in heavy suits carrying heavy gear in this weather.”




Public Health England are continuing to remind people how damaging smoke can be to a person’s health. 

The latest update from the North West body explains how it can irritate people’s thoat and eyes.





Debbie Abrahams, the MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth, has released a detailed statement regarding the fire. 

She thanks the firefighters for their bravery and reiterates that people in the area should take precautions to stay safe until the blaze is dealt with.





A distressing video shows one resident choking amid the smokes that’s completed absorbed the the outside of her property. 

In the video – which was shared on Twitter – you can hear the resident coughing and struggling for breath.






Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service have revealed that new aerial images will soon be available at Greater Manchester Police take to the skies in a helicopter. 

It’s hoped that these images will help firefighters form a tactical plan to tackle the blaze.






Concerned residents have been sharing pictures from their properties around Saddlworth Moor.

While most images don’t show the actual fire, they do capture how the abundance of smoke has cast a shadow over the clear blues skies being enjoyed by the rest of the region.





Stalybridge MP Jonathan Reynolds likened the fire to an apocalyptic scene this morning.

During an interview on TalkRadio, the politician said: “It’s almost like an apocalyptic scene, because of the nature of the landscape and the scale of the fire.

“The smoke in the town itself is quite unbelievable.We have had this before, fires on the moors, particularly in summer it does happen. But nothing on this scale.

“Usually it happens that they burn out and the service are used to dealing with them. But this is particularly frightening for people and we’ve had to evacuate people in one part of Stalybridge.

“They were right next to it, it’s hard to describe just how close it got.”



In the last hour Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service have shared pictures from Tamesides, in which plumes of smoke of smoke can still be seen rising over the moors. The service once again thanked the crews, partners and volunteers for their continued support.






Pulic Health England have released important health messages for anyone who’s affected by the fire. In particular, the North West body are urging residents and motorists to keep windows closed to avoid excessive exposure to the smoke.




Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service have not ruled out requesting the help of the Army to help them tackle the inferno on Saddleworth Moor.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer Leon Parkes said: “The plan today is to try and really, really put some resource on the scene and put a heavy attack on this fire, and if that needs military assistance then that’s what we’ll consider.

“We’ve got over six kilometres of affected area – there is fire occurring in pockets around the outskirts. So we have got a belt of fire and obviously the wind direction at the time will have an affect on that.

“The seats of fire are not where we can access. We are having to park fire engines up and some of the fire scenes are two miles away so we are having to use other vehicles supplied by our partner agencies to transport firefighters and kit into those areas.”



The fire spread so rapidly due to the dryness of the vegetation on the moors, coupled with the extremely high temperatures that have been experienced in the recent heatwave.

BBC Weather forecasts that today’s temperature will reach highs of 27 degrees, which could further pose problems for the 50-strong team of firefighters tackling the blaze.



Greater Manchester Police shared this eerie picture from their headquarters in Central Park, Newton Heath in the early hours of the morning. 

It predicted that there would be a ‘long, hot, smoky day’ ahead. 





GMFRS Assistant Chief Fire Officer Leon Parkes has confirmed that 34 homes were evacuated last night in the Calcio Crescent area. He added that up to 50 firefighters are now on the scene. 

At a press conference this morning, he said: “A major incident was declared late last night by Greater Manchester Police due to the scale of the incident and the need for close multi-agency working.

“We are reassessing the scene this morning and will be formulating tactical plan for today. Our fire crews have been working in tremendously difficult circumstances and I would like to thank all of our firefighters, partners, volunteers and the public for their support and hard work throughout this incident.

“Currently we have up to 50 firefighters in attendance with support from Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service and two wildfire units covering an area of 6km. Air samples have been taken by our partners in multiple areas and the air levels are safe. If you are affected by smoke in your area, please close your windows and doors as we continue to fight the fire today.

 “Last night 34 homes were evacuated as a precaution in the Calcio Crescent area, all of whom are all staying with friends and family. We are doing all we can to get those evacuated back into their homes today.

“Please avoid the area if possible, and if you are using the M60, please drive safely as this area may be affected by smoke.”

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