Ferry industry hopes to get Brits “shipshape” for post-Brexit EU travel

Ferry operators have urged Brits to prepare for changes to travel rules in the wake of Brexit to ensure ‘smooth sailing’.

Coronavirus pretty much sank everyone’s travel plans for 2020.

With promising news of the vaccine and the possibility for borders to reopen and travel to resume in the new year, many people are looking forward to booking holidays after months of restriction.

But with Brexit looming over the horizon, ferry operators fear that tourists are unaware and unprepared for the changes to travel that this comes with.

31st of December marks the end of the Brexit transition period and the new year signals the start of some pretty significant changes to legislation.

Research done by Discover Ferries has shown just how oblivious many people are to some of these changes and some of the problems this poses.

The Director of Discover Ferries, Abby Penlington, said: “Amidst UK lockdowns and the festive period, updating travel documents may not be at the forefront of the public’s mind. But spending a little time planning now, will mean people are ready to rearrange postponed holidays and book visits to see loved ones as soon as they are able to.”

With a fifth of people planning to travel to Europe for their 2021 summer holiday3, ferry operators are keen to make people aware of some of the main changes that may require some advance planning.

These are some of the main points:

  • Just over half (54%) didn’t know they need six months validity on their passports when travelling to the EU
  • 31% of people believed they would need to update their EHIC cards, this is not needed as EHIC cards will no longer be valid 
  • More than a quarter (27%) think they need a visa when visiting the EU, which is unnecessary for stays which last less than 90 days
  • 43% didn’t know they can travel to Ireland without a passport
  • 62% didn’t know they need an international driving permit (IDP) to drive in the EU
  • 70% didn’t know they need a Green Card from their motor insurers when driving their vehicle in the EU
  • 80% don’t know they need a Green Card to drive their vehicle in the Republic of Ireland
  • When travelling with a pet, 78% didn’t know they need to visit their vet four months before travelling

Discover Ferries have also prepared a guide for UK travellers to the EU which can be found here:

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