Fa**ot! D**e! Manchester Lesbian and Gay Foundation launches provocative hate crime poster campaign

By Tim Hyde

Faggot, dyke, freak and tranny are not the types of words you might expect to see on Canal Street’s walls.

However, a new campaign by the Lesbian and Gay foundation is putting the words on new posters in a big to combat hate crimes that Manchester’s LGBT community face on a daily basis.

The initiative is urging people to report hate crimes and put a stop to abuse.

Jenny-Anne Bishop, from TransForum, said: “Hate crimes get to people. Hate crimes target people’s identity.

“Hate crimes are against your human rights and are the greatest form of physiological harm. They ruin people’s self-esteem and confidence. “

Research conducted by the Lesbian and Gay Foundation revealed that more than 50% of the LGBT community have been subject to hate crimes, however only 62% of those targeted actually reported them.

The campaign has purposely chosen to use provocative language that will evoke a reaction in order to illuminate the impact that hateful words can have.

General Manager of Canal street venue, Via, Tony Cooper, said: “We want to make this campaign visible in the village because the venue staff and people who use this space hear words the words on the posters on a nightly basis and they aren’t reporting it.

“We need to report hate crimes because people are suffering and that isn’t acceptable.”

Posters have been distributed throughout the Village in order to highlight the campaigns message of ‘report hate’.  

The aim of the initiative is to encourage victims to report hate crimes and remind people that using offensive language can seriously affect people’s lives.

Those behind the scheme have chosen the words because they feel that they are things that members of the LGBT community hear all too often.

 “The LGF has been a third party reporting centre for over 15 years,” added Darren Knight, The LGF’s Head of Policy and Engagement.

“Every day we deal with a range of enquiries and people come into our centre for a range of issues and hate crime and incidents remain a significant problem for our community.

“We work closely with the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to ensure that our community knows that no incident of hate is acceptable and should always be reported.”

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