The 1958 protest Glazer ownership of Manchester United ahead of new kit launch

Manchester United fan group The 1958 held a protest against the Glazers’ ownership, coinciding with the team’s new kit launch.

The group chose the kit launch day to protest because they thought it was a good way to protest the Glazer greed.

Ahead of the protest, a spokesperson for the group emphasised: “The protest will be peaceful, it is a visual protest. We are not going there to intimidate anyone but get the message out that the Glazers need to go.”

The club has been pushing for the same aim – to get the Glazers out – for 18 years and this aim is not changing.

The spokesperson said that there are rumours circulating that the Glazers may not sell and the aim of this protests, and others like it, is to keep pressure on the ownership, to show that fans do not approve of the Glazers and they want them out.

The spokesperson said there are a few reasons for disapproval of Glazer ownership, including “the way they treat the fanbase, the commercial way they treat the club and the broken promises.”

Currently, the leading bidders for the club ownership are Sheikh Jassim and Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

The 1958 have kept quiet on who their preferred owner is.

The spokesperson for The 1958 emphasised that the group “has no official position but continues to focus on the aim of pushing the Glazers out.

“They are not out yet and there are rumours they may not sell – we need to keep the pressure on and get them out.”

However, The 1958 hope that the new ownership respects the fan and has more contact with the fanbase and embraces the United community.

They also want the ownership to treat the club more like a football club than a commercial asset, although the spokesperson said he recognises that this is more difficult nowadays.

Most importantly though, they want the team on the pitch to be a priority. The needs of the team need to come first – not of one individual player or the owners, but the team as a whole – and The 1958 hopes the new ownership recognises this and puts the team first.

Image: The 1958 on Twitter. Used with permission.

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