“I think we just need a change”: How will the people of Bolton vote in the upcoming election?

With election day just under a week away, Mancunian Matters asked residents of Bolton how they will be voting on July 4. 

Bolton is made up of three constituencies. Bolton North East, Bolton South and Walkden and Bolton West. 

Bolton North East is currently held as a Conservative seat by Mark Logan after beating out Labour’s Sir David Crausby for the seat in 2019. 

Labour MP Yasmin Qureshi has held the Bolton South East seat since 2010 but in 2023 the ward changed to include Walkden: this general election will be the first contest for the seat in Bolton South and Walkden. 

Bolton West has been held by Conservative MP Chris Green since 2010.

All three constituencies are predicted to go Labour in the upcoming election.

And residents of Bolton agreed with these predictions when Mancunian Matters took to the town centre to ask them who they were voting for in the upcoming election.

Lostock resident Jill, 34, praised the local council in Bolton, saying it influenced her decision in voting in this election.

She said: “I’m voting for Labour in the next general election because I think we just need a change. 

“The Labour council round here seems to have been the best in the running of things around here.”

The cost-of-living crisis is something that has factored into Jill’s decision-making process. 

She said: “The cost of living is something I want to see changed from this election. The price of utility bills is way too high right now, not just for me but for everyone.”

David, 62, from Horwich, has been a lifelong Labour supporter and is looking forward to the upcoming election. 

He said: “I’m voting for Labour in the upcoming election because I am a card-holding member of the Labour Party and any other alternative is unthinkable to me.

“I really hope Labour wins back Bolton West.”

For David public funding is something he is particularly worried about, and he seeks change from potential new MPs.

He said: “The biggest issue Bolton is facing at the minute is the underfunding of the public sector.

“Our NHS system is struggling here, and local authorities are overstretched so people in need aren’t getting the help they deserve.

“I hope whoever gets that seat on July 4 realises how much we need to turn the public sector here around.”

Not every voter is so certain of who they are going to vote for in the upcoming election.

Nicole, 23, from Breightmet hasn’t yet decided who she is going to vote for next Thursday. 

She said: “I was thinking originally that I would vote Labour – this is my second general election voting and I voted for Labour in the last one. However I am thinking about maybe voting Liberal Democrat.

“I definitely need to do my research over the next week, there’s policies in Keir Starmer’s manifesto I agree with and there’s some in Ed Davey’s I agree with as well.”

Polling stations will be open from 7am until 10pm on Thursday 4 July, with results expected the next day. 

To find your local polling station, enter your postcode at Where Do I Vote.

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