It could be you! Clock is ticking for mystery Trafford lottery winner… with £1million at stake

By Tim Hyde

The chances of winning the lottery may be slim but that doesn’t deter the millions of people that hope to cash-in their luck every week.

But one not-so-lucky winner from Manchester has failed to claim their seven figure sum and may lose out on the huge prize as the deadline to get their cash is fast approaching.

In a bid to help find the mystery millionaire two former EuroMillions winners from Trafford have urged people to search high and low to see if they have the winning ticket.

The pair that won £12.4million in 2010 said: “£1million is a large and life-changing amount of money. It can really have a major impact on someone’s life.

“It is so easy to buy a ticket and pop it into your pocket or a drawer at home and then forget to check it until you get a reminder, such as the following week’s National Lottery draw on the television or when you go into a shop and see the lottery stand.

“I would urge everyone in or who has visited the Borough of Trafford to check their pockets, down the back of settees and in the bottom of drawers today – check everywhere.”

Now millionaires Nigel and Sharon admitted that in the past they have left it several weeks before checking some of their own tickets.

“Don’t delay, do this now as the clock is ticking towards the claim deadline date,” Nigel added.

“[Winning] hasn’t changed us as people but it has obviously had a major positive impact on our lives.

Trafford’s mystery winner purchased the ticket for the draw on August 23 and only has until February 19 to lay claim to the huge prize.

“We have helped people and helped to make dreams come true, both for ourselves and for others,” added Nigel.

“We never believed we would ever own our own race horse and the win has made this possible. We have also had some amazing holidays and bought the home of our dreams.”

If the prize isn’t claimed in time the money, including all the interest, will be donated to the National Lottery Good Causes adding to the £31billion already raised through lottery ticket sales.

A National Lottery spokesperson said: “This really is a life-changing sum of money and we’re desperate to find this mystery ticket-holder and unite them with their winnings; £1million could make a huge difference to somebody’s life.

“Time is running out so we’re urging everyone who bought a ticket in the area to check their old tickets again or look everywhere a missing ticket could be hiding – someone out there could literally be sitting on a fortune.

“We’re ready to pop the champagne cork and join in the celebrations with this lucky missing millionaire and we have our fingers firmly crossed that they come forward to claim their prize soon.”

Anyone who believes they have the winning ticket for any of the National Lottery draws within the 180-day deadline should call the National Lottery line on 0845 910 0000.

Image courtesy of Pittaya Sroilong, with thanks

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