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Andy Burnham to run for third term as Mayor of Greater Manchester

Andy Burnham has confirmed his intentions to run for a third mayoral term in 2024.

The ex-MP for Leigh and former shadow Home Secretary was elected to the new role of Mayor of Greater Manchester in 2017 and re-elected in 2021 with a majority of 67%.

In that time, he has pushed for greater investment in the North, to public transport systems, sought a new approach for policing and fought to tackle homelessness.

Speaking to Mancunian Matters he said: “I’m really excited about what we’re doing … This is where I’m at.”

He asserted his focus on challenging the ‘London-centric’ governance of the UK.

He said: “A problem with this country is that Westminster is the only show in town, and then anything else is just a sideshow distraction.

“[Manchester] has got to become a proper force in the land, then the country will change in the way that we need it. We need it to change.

“Steve Rotheram (Mayor of the Liverpool City Region) and I both feel it’s unfinished business.”

The announcement follows speculations in the media as to his ambitions to run for leader of the Labour Party, having run twice before in 2010 and 2015.

Despite being quoted as finding it “annoying” to be “constantly” asked such questions, Burnham said: “I’m definitely not ruling out a return [to parliament].”

Though largely popular across Greater Manchester, Burnham has received criticism for his plans to introduce a Clean Air Zone in May this year.

The plans to introduce daily charges for vehicles that didn’t meet emissions standards was delayed by a year after considerable backlash.

Despite this, the mayor is currently ranked by YouGov as the fourth most popular Labour politician behind Keir Starmer, Ed Balls and Gordon Brown.

In an article from 2021, a YouGov poll revealed that 69% of Labour members would prefer Burnham as party leader over Starmer.

Burnham has consistently voiced his support for Starmer’s leadership.

The mayoral election is scheduled for 2nd of May 2024.

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