Rochdale by-election results: George Galloway wins landslide in Rochdale

George Galloway has won the by-election with a majority of 5,697.

Mr Galloway celebrated the victory with a speech on-stage.

Taking aim at the leader of the Labour party, Galloway said: “Keir Starmer, this is for Gaza.

“You have paid and you will pay a high price for the role you have played.”

Independent candidate David Tully came second with 6,638 – a fantastic result for the local businessman.

Conservative Paul Ellison came third with 3,731.

The Labour Party, who abandoned their candidate, have now lost the seat – coming in fifth place.

The turnout for the election was 39.7%, which is 27.3 percentage points below the national turnout of 67% from the last general election.

However, it is also a slightly higher turnout than other recent by-elections in Kingswood and Wellingborough, with 37% and 38% respectively.

The results are as follows:

  • Azhar Ali, Labour Party: 2,402
  • Mark Coleman, Independent: 455
  • Simon Danczuk, Reform UK: 1,968
  • Iain Donaldson, Liberal Democrats: 2,164
  • Paul Ellison, The Conservative Party candidate: 3,731
  • George Galloway, Workers Party of Britain: 12,335
  • Michael Howarth, Independent: 246
  • William Howarth, Independent: 523
  • Guy Otten, Green Party: 436
  • Ravin Subortna, The Official Monster Raving Loony Party: 209
  • David Tully, Independent: 6,638

Featured image credit: Charlie Valentine

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