Rochdale council leader expects Labour majority

At the borough’s first all-out elections since 2004, Rochdale Borough Council’s leader is confident of a Labour majority at these 2022 local elections.

Counting is now under way to see who will take each of the council’s 60 seats – three in each of the 20 wards.

The party aims to retain its control of the council, despite competition from the Middleton Independents candidates across several wards.

And councillor Neil Emmott (above), who aims to regain his Labour seat in West Middleton ward, said: “We may have a couple of close-ish results in one or two of the Middleton wards but I’m certainly confident we will be taking control of the council.”

Counting staff at the Heywood and Middleton counting hall, at Heywood Sports Village, continue to verify votes ready for counting to begin soon.

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