Piccadilly Pulse: Would you go to a gay wedding?

From midnight tonight, same-sex couples across England and Wales will be legally allowed to tie the knot.

However, research suggests that one fifth of Britons would not attend a gay wedding ceremony if invited.

The survey by Radio 5Live also found that men were twice as likely to turn down an invitation.

Paul Martin OBE, Chief Executive of The Lesbian & Gay Foundation, said: “Today is a historic day, not just for the lesbian, gay and bisexual community, but for the entire country.

“[the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill has] enshrined equal marriage in law and allowed same sex couples to marry in England and Wales.

“From today, ‘equal marriage’ – or ‘marriage’ as we like to call it – becomes reality.

“Everyone at The LGF would like to wish those taking advantage of this change in law – both this weekend, and from now on – a long and happy future together. Congratulations!”

MM took to the streets of Piccadilly to see how many people of Manchester would attend a gay wedding.








The research gathered shows that the overwhelming majority of people are open to gay marriage, and with much less than a fifth of Mancunians unprepared to accept an invitation, Manchester appears more .

However, unlike the Radio 5Live survey, which found 29% of men would refuse an invitation, only 8% of Manchester men were opposed.

Hannah, a 26-year-old student at Manchester Metropolitan, said:  “Gay relationships should have the same rights as straight ones”.

However, Abby, who works as a florist in the city centre, said she wouldn’t go to one and that she was against it completely, stating: “It’s not right.”

Mathilda Mansfield, who works for Cancer Research, was all for attending one, saying: “It’s the same as a normal wedding”.

Sue Roberts, a sales representative said that she was definitely not against it, adding: “I’d love to be invited to one.”

Melissa, a retail assistant from Fallowfield, said: “I think it’s wrong that people think it’s wrong.”

Marks and Spencers Section Co-ordinator Aaron Platt, 30, told MM that even though he would definitely attend one, and has already attended two civil ceremonies, he was quite shocked that the number of people against attending a gay wedding wasn’t greater, saying: “I thought it would be higher, more like 50%.”

Craig of Newton Heath, who was in favour of gay weddings, said that the reason he thinks some people are against it is because they are ‘scared of change’.

“It’s ignorance isn’t it” said Oliver, 24, a retail assistant from Wythenshawe, about those opposed, adding that he would definitely attend one, as he sees ‘nothing wrong with it’.

Curtis, who lives in the city centre, said that those who are against it are ‘weird and close-minded people’.

Mandy Smith, 46, from Salford, who has already attended a civil ceremony, branded those who were against gay weddings ‘bigots’, and said: “A  population has been brought up to think that it’s wrong.”

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