Spotland Secrets: Meet Rochdale’s flying Scouseman Joe Rafferty

MM is getting to know the Rochdale players that little bit better this season, this week we caught up with flying full-back and Liverpool academy graduate Joe Rafferty.

MM: What has been the best moment of your career so far?

Rafferty: It’s a tough one I’d probably say signing my first professional contract or scoring my first ever professional goal against Port Vale in the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy this season (Rochdale won the game 1-0). I enjoyed that.

MM: What’s the worst moment of your career?

Rafferty: We won the game but getting cramp at Bradford last season wasn’t good. All their fans were booing me and thought I was playing acting but I was genuinely in pain. I’d say that was one of my worst moments.

MM: Who is your footballing hero?

Rafferty: I can’t really pick one I used to play as a striker so Michael Owen was one of them and Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard as well. As I grew up I watched them all the time and I just always wanted to be like them.

MM: Who is the toughest opponent you’ve ever faced playing football?

Rafferty: I haven’t played against him in a competitive match, but in training at Liverpool Raheem Sterling was really good you can see why he is doing so well at the moment. He is so fast, he can go inside, outside on his left foot or his right foot.

MM: What was the best stadium you’ve played at?

Rafferty: Rotherham’s New York Stadium was quite good. It was a brand new stadium and it was quite big and the atmosphere was good too. I’ve played at Anfield built not in a competitive game so that’s the best stadium I’ve played.

MM: Yeah that’s a bit of a step up from Rotherham.

Rafferty: Yeah but to actually play in a match at, I would say Rotherham.

MM: What do you like to do away from football?

Rafferty: I’m boring, I just like to chill out really it depends I like to play golf now and then in the summer I like to play tennis. I like doing other sports and staying active.

MM: Do you have a favourite song you like to listen to before a game or training?

Rafferty: I just try and keep up-to-date with all my dance music- that gets me moving before a game.

MM: What was the last Film you saw?

Rafferty: The Wolf of Wall Street, I enjoyed that.

MM: Finally, if you could take five celebrities out for a drink who would you pick and why?

Rafferty: I’ll take Michael McIntyre he makes me laugh. Steven Gerrard because I like looking at him. Leonardo DiCaprio, Shakira. I was going to pick Peter Vincenti… I’d like to take Peter.

MM: Graham Cummins picked you in his five so you can pick Peter if you want?

Rafferty: I want really want six because I’d like to have another woman in there but that’s my five.

Image courtesy of Official Rochdale AFC via YouTube, with thanks.

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