Nowhere to hide: Sale boxer Sam Hyde says fitness on ‘another level’ in preparation for first pro fight

One of Manchester’s hottest boxing prospects says his fitness is on ‘another level’ as he ramps up for his first professional bout.

This weekend Sam ‘Nowhere 2’ Hyde will go toe-to-toe against the experienced Elvis Dube in front of a supportive Bowlers Exhibition Centre crowd

Hyde, 20, from Sale, decided to turn pro after a promising amateur career where he became the two-time ABA national champion and CYP champion.

He insists he’s in the best shape of his life after a gruelling seven week training programme which has put him in peak condition.

The Sale power-puncher is now in the final stages of preparation and is concentrating on the finer details of his game-plan.

He added: “This week in the run up to the fight it is all about just ticking over. Keeping my fitness up and working on my technique, staying loose and relaxing.

“I am more than ready for this fight. My fitness is on another level and it is exactly where I have always wanted it to be.”

Hyde says he is totally focused on securing his first pro win, after dreaming about it his entire life.

“From day one becoming pro was in my future, but sometimes you just don’t know what opportunities you will get and what things will distract you,” he said.

“This was a big dream and when it came along I grabbed it with both hands.”

The brawler has sold more than 200 tickets to friends and family who will be spurring him on throughout the contest, and he says the pressure won’t affect him in the slightest.

“It’s not even crossed my mind,” he added. “Fighting in front of the 200 people I know isn’t a worry at all.

“At the end of the day this is what I want to do and if I can’t perform in front of 200 people I know how am I meant to do it in front of millions.

“Having lots of support from friends and family will definitely motivate me and help push me on. If things aren’t going my way, which I hope they will be, they can give me a lift.”

The weekend bout will be a baptism of fire for Hyde who is up against an opponent who has more than 20 professional fights under his belt.

“He is a tough come forward fighter, who is very experienced and he rarely gets stopped. He has had over 20 fight and i think this is a really good fight for me,” he said.

“I am quite happy taking on a tough opponent because it will make me better in the long run. 

“There is no point fighting rubbish people who back off and don’t want to fight, I am pretty lucky to be fighting a strong boxer.

“I am just planning to keep calm and listen to what my coaches have to say.”

Picture courtesy of Sam Hyde, with thanks.

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