The away days takeaways: The food spots to AVOID on the road this season

Mancunian fans follow City and United the length and breadth of the country to see them play every game. From Brighton to Newcastle, midweek games to Saturday 3 o’clocks, fans usually like to indulge in a bite to eat before or after the game to tide them over for the long journey home.

Along the way, fans could be tucking into a chip barm or a chicken fried rice from a takeaway with absolutely no idea whether that takeaway has had rats, fungi or an amateur milk curdling enterprise.

That’s why, here at MM, we’ve decided to compile a select list of places that you’d be better off avoiding next time you’re over at Goodison or down at Watford.



Taste of Holloway Pizza, Holloway Road, 7-minute walk from the Emirates Stadium – 1/5

Islington’s infamous Holloway Road has a collection of questionable outlets for fans to grab some food just a stone’s throw from the Emirates. Among those you’d be best avoiding is Taste of Holloway Pizza, because Holloway might not taste that good. If you fancy dining at an establishment where lamb doners stored at 56.6 degrees, raw burgers are stored with fresh salad and the odd mouse dropping is lying about, then Taste of Holloway Pizza is for you. If not, then steer clear of Holloway Road.



China Bamboo, Seabourne Road, 28-minute walk from the Vitality Stadium – 0/5

Where to start with China Bamboo. When it was last inspected it didn’t have any hot water because the boiler wasn’t on, and frozen meat was being thawed on the floor at room temperature. Alongside a catalogue of other hygiene improvements, the inspectors recommended urgent action since there was “evidence of rodent activity in the exterior store.” China Bamboo was closed by the courts in December 2018 and currently remains closed, but if it does reopen, approach with a copious amount of caution.




Piazza, Falmer Road, 48-minute walk from the Amex Stadium – 4/5

Though there are some proper dives in Brighton itself, there are only fours and fives in the Falmer area where you’ll find the Amex Stadium. The worst you’re going to find is the 4-star Piazza on Falmer Road, where the only serious bit of bad practice is the use of dish cloths, one of which was used to “wrap the raw kebabs” then “being bleached and used as cleaning cloths.”



Cha Cha, Yorkshire Street, 9-minute walk from Turf Moor – 2/5

Burnley itself might not have the best reputation, but most of the places to grab a quick bite all tend to be above board. Of those close to Turf Moor, Cha Cha is probably one best left alone. Among the highlights of the inspection were the unwrapped raw burgers in contact with cheese, the unused kitchen wash basin and the cashew nut bag that was left open in the pizza fridge. Other than dirty cloths and the back door being left open, Cha Cha seems alright, but best not risk it if you’re allergic to nuts.



La Reserve Hotel, Fulham Road, 2-minute walk from Stamford Bridge – 2/5

If navigating yourself to Stamford Bridge wasn’t hard enough, finding somewhere to have a half-decent bite to eat is even harder. For those Mancunians travelling down, they might decide to spend the night rather than make the hefty trek back up north. The La Reserve Hotel looks like your average 3-star hotel from the outside, but it turns out that the food is certainly best avoided. Improvements such as “do not store fruit and veg in the yard” and “seal to fridge broken and mouldy – replace” do not fill you with confidence, and knowing that they store eggs past their best before date is far from ideal.


Stamford Bridge is situated in the pleasant borough of Fulham



Gigabite, Walton Road, 5-minute walk from Goodison Park – 1/5

Down the famous Walton Road, you’d be best skipping past Gigabite and heading to another Liverpudlian takeaway. The last time it was inspected, Gigabite fell foul of a number of hygiene regulations, being called out for labelling, uncovered food and staff not washing their hands after handling raw meat. The inspectors also wrote: “do not have pets in kitchen, room off kitchen as this is unhygienic.” So if you fancy your pizza sans dog hair, then maybe give this one a miss.



New Lucky Dragon, Narborough Road, 16-minute walk from the King Power Stadium – 2/5

The takeaways within walking distance of Leicester’s King Power Stadium are alright across the board. New Lucky Dragon, is one of many along Narborough Road that are classified as in need of improvement. Perhaps most troublingly, the microwave wasn’t considered safe to use, and mysteriously there was a substantial amount of waste cardboard in the yard area. Fortunately, it was considered in better condition when last visited in May, and is due a re-rating in the near future.


Narborough Road is a hotbed of takeaways for football fans



Anfield Balti House, Breck Road, 10-minute walk from Anfield – 1/5

On the Anfield side of Stanley Park, there are a whole host of suspect takeaways. One of the lowest-rated by the Food Standards Agency is Anfield Balti House. If you’re paying a visit to the ABH, be wary that after the last inspection they were instructed to unblock their wash basin and deep clean their equipment. They also recommend pest control surveys and to “block holes under double sink where slugs get in.” Perhaps most alarmingly, the inspectors also wrote: “do not use a red [meat] cutting board (in an area where raw meat is defrosting) to cut ready to eat food.” So approach with caution.



Koh-I-Noor, Cloth Market, 9-minute walk from St James’ Park – 1/5

St James’ Park’s city centre location would have you think that there are a number of potential banana skins when hitting the toon after the you’ve travelled up north for Friday Night Football. Despite the somewhat suspect exteriors, most Newcastle takeaways aren’t going to kill you. However, the infamous Koh-I-Noor curryhouse on Cloth Market has had a grim reputation for some years, with several run-ins with the Food Standards Agency being reported. Its March 2019 inspection revealed poor practice with raw meat and rice storage, but perhaps most worryingly ordered the managers to “remove gas bottles out of store within one week.”




Kurdistan Charcoal Grill, London Road, 8-minute walk from Bramall Lane – 0/5

Premier League newcomers Sheffield United will be a new away trip for many fans and London Road, just parallel to Bramall Lane, has a host of different takeaways to sample. Kurdistan Charcoal Grill was branded in need of urgent improvement in December for a variety of reasons. Inspectors found raw meat handled poorly, the chicken was stored at a far too low temperature, and as a whole the premises were filthy. Any fan would be trying their luck if they paid it a visit.



Pesing, High Road, 4-minute walk from the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium – 1/5

Spurs’ stadium might be new but there are still the same old dives around the ground as there always have been. Pesing is one such place, and when the inspectors went round to check up on it, they found it had mysteriously changed ownership. The areas that they were legally regally required to improve were the lack of labelling of ‘high risk foods’, poor designation of colanders and absence of a method of determining what temperatures their fridges and storage units are. Steer clear.




Frydays, Vicarage Road, 3-minute walk from Vicarage Road – 1/5

Vicarage Road itself is home to a handful of eating spots, some of which are decent, and some of which are not. Frydays falls into the latter category. The last time the inspectors came to visit, it was revealed that “the food business was trading without hot water” because “the immersion heater was not turned on.” There was also “debris around and behind the fridges & freezers.” The potatoes are also under threat from rodent infestation. Keep your distance, ladies and gents.



Divine Flavouz, Leytonstone Road, 30-minute walk from the London Stadium – 1/5

Once upon a time, the Olympic Park was every sports fan’s dream, now it’s home to West Ham. Back in 2012, fans had several options to choose from, now if they don’t want to pay London Stadium prices they have to journey into Stratford. One particular place to avoid is Divine Flavouz. The Newham takeaway got a less than glowing review the last time the inspectors came, highlighting a mice infestation, leaking washbasins and a serious number of structural defects. It’s probably not worth a visit.



Q Inn Chippy, Newhampton Road East, 4-minute walk from Molineux – 0/5

As inspections go, the Q Inn Chippy’s was a bit of a shocker. It’s less than five minutes from Molineux and any fans off to watch their team against Wolves should be wary. Inspectors instructed a thorough clean of almost every area of the establishment, as well as pointing out that “the ceiling is in a state of disrepair with large holes throughout.” Various rodent access points and structural issues aside, inspectors also found out of date yoghurts being served and loose screws in the kitchen.

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