‘Central to our heritage’: Man City look to fans for new badge inspiration

Manchester City have announced a plan to ask fans for feedback on the club’s badge, with a view to potentially evolving the 18-year-old crest.

Often a hot topic of conversation and debate amongst fans, the club has had three main badges throughout its historic 121-year existence, with the current incarnation having replaced the circular badge that City wore for 32 years between 1965 and 1997.

The club’s first badge was heavily inspired by the city’s Coat of Arms and premiered the use of the three stripes that represent the three rivers in the city – the Medlock, the Irwell, and the Irk – which still adorn the crest to this day.

Other elements of the original badge remain, including the ship in full sail, which represents Manchester’s status as a trading city as well as reflecting the importance of the Manchester Shipping Canal – the historic lifeblood of the city.

Man City’s chief executive, Ferran Soriano, said: “The badge is the most visual representation of Manchester City and is so central to our heritage.

“We are looking for our fans to share their views as to what they consider to be the most authentic symbols of the Club.

“The views of our Cityzens are essential to the process; they will have a real say on the future of our badge.”

As part of the consultation process, the club will host a series of free lectures from Manchester football historian, Gary James, at the Etihad Stadium in order to convey the importance of blending history, tradition, and the emblematically core values of the club in a badge.

While the club’s badge may yet remain the same, the club has stressed the importance of maintaining a steady stream of fan feedback to ensure that they are duly represented.

Fans are invited to complete a formal questionnaire to determine which facets of both the club and the city are most allegorically representative for members of the community, while access to graphics, video footage, and photography indicative of the club’s heritage will be provided.

Gary James, who has written numerous books on the history of the city’s rich footballing culture, said: “Over the years, one of the few constants at Manchester City has been discussion about the badge. Today is no different.

“This Club knows how important its heritage is to its fans and I have been impressed with the commitment to keeping them at the centre of this project.

“I am looking forward to being part of the consultation process.”  

Non-Cityzens can also pass their views via the club’s official online fan community, City Voice, while other feedback can be given in City Square, open 9am-5pm on weekdays and Saturdays (11:30am-4:30pm on Sundays).

The consultation process will last until November 14, with the findings released later in the season. Further details will be released in the coming days by the club, including details regarding Gary James’ lectures.

Image courtesy of BlueMoonRising via YouTube, with thanks.

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