Padel: The ‘new’ sporting craze… but what’s all the racquet about?

Padel tennis is the fastest growing racquet sport taking the UK and world by storm – but what actually is it? 

The sport, compared as a hybrid between tennis and squash, now has about 90,000 active players in the UK – a ten-fold rise in the last five years, according to the Lawn Tennis Association. 

Alberto Cubero Torregrosa, head coach at Club de Padel in Manchester, said: “People get super addicted to padel. Everyone wants to come back and keep playing or start with lessons to better understand the game and improve. 


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“You don’t need to have a racquet or sport background to start playing and start enjoying the game and having fun with friends or in a match with people you don’t know. 

“The social factor gives you the chance to meet new people, maybe people you would never have met in other situations.

“The game for me is more enjoyable than tennis.”

The LTA says there are more than 450 public courts in the UK – a 600% increase since 2019.

And yet many people are still in the dark about what this sport has to offer. 

Originating in Mexico in the 1960s, padel has become a global phenomenon, especially in Spain where there are more padel courts than tennis ones. 

Now the sport is gaining momentum here in the UK, attracting players of all ages and skill levels.

And Manchester has welcomed padel with open arms, with courts are starting to pop up in the city and beyond. 

So what’s the secret of the sport’s success? And how big can it grow?

We take a deep-dive into the impact Padel is having right here in Manchester…

Feature image by Jonas from Pixabay 

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