‘This needs to stop’: FC United want more respect among fans after flares and smoke bombs incident

By Arandeep Singh Dhillon

FC United are urging supporters to show more respect for one another after the midweek encounter at Droylsden saw the use of flares and smoke bombs.

A number of home fans were ejected from the ground as the governing bodies in the game look to halt the increasing number of such incidents taking place this season.

Earlier this year three Chelsea supporters were banned from Stamford Bridge for 10 years for the possession of smoke bombs – two of whom were sent to prison for one month.

FC United general manager, Andy Walsh, has said the problem must be addressed but playing behind closed doors is not the answer as the authorities look to clamp down on the issue.

He said: “The club’s official position is that it needs to stop though it was inevitable that this was going to happen.

“In the view of a number of supporters they add to the drama of a match but our matches are renowned to have really good atmosphere.

“We advise our supporters that it is against the law and if it continues it will not only cost the club in fines but if the police and authorities show more interest in our games then it could lead to people being arrested and we don’t want that to happen.

“We ask for people to show a bit of respect for fellow supporters, if they want a campaign to change the regulations then as a club we would be willing to talk to supporters who want to get involved in that.”

Mr Walsh also confirmed a supporter spent several hours in hospital after the unsavoury incidents in Tuesday’s fixture.

Stadium developments are also going as planned despite the winter conditions not being ideal.

“The stadium developments are good, it is not ideal to start a building project in winter, especially in Manchester, but we have had 2-3 weeks of dry weather now,” said Mr Walsh.

“The first test to create a level on the site and strip top soil has gone very well and the soil has been set aside and will be used for the building of the pitches.

“For the next few weeks we will be setting up a site compound and getting the ground prepared for the foundations and then begin putting up the steels in the new year.”

Image courtesy of Rambler 1977, with thanks.

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