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New vegan alternative for coffee lovers launched in MediaCity

A Manchester sandwich shop has put its own twist on Veganuary – by adding potato milk to its range of coffee options from today.

Sndwch, based in MediaCity, has added the potato milk to its range of alternative milks.

Oats, soya and almonds have already become popular non-dairy alternatives.

And Sndwch founder Alex Markham claims potato milk is more sustainable than other plant-based milks – as well as tasty.

He said: “I only recently discovered potato milk and was a little sceptical at first!

“But it’s delicious – the consistency is very much like dairy milk. It foams up beautifully in coffee and adds creaminess to any hot drink.”

From today until January 31, customers can claim a free potato-milk coffee with any plant-based sandwiches they buy, with ranges including alternatives for tuna mayo and chicken tikka.

The launch comes in partnership with DUG, the world’s only potato-powered, plant-based milk producer. 

It says this unique milk is twice as land efficient then growing oats and uses 98% less water than almonds and has a carbon footprint two-thirds lower than cow’s milk

Markham added: “Veganuary is all about keeping an open mind and we’re daring customers to try something completely new. We hope letting people try a potato milk coffee for free will help with the financial pinch this time of year too.”

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